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There’s No Guidebook for Aging

For many families, planning and coordination of their loved one’s senior care can be overwhelming. At All Care WV, we support our clients and their families by providing quality case management services throughout Central and North Central West Virginia. Eligible seniors and disabled individuals can benefit from quality care integration that helps them enjoy living in their preferred home environment for as long as possible.

Our quality Case Management Services are provided through the West Virginia Aged and Disabled Waiver (ADW) Program. Case Managers will assist you by looking over your situation and providing the resources needed to ensure all your needs are met. They will help streamline care, resolve issues, oversee all services, order medical supplies and equipment, assist with the required paperwork, and make the process of receiving in-home care as easy and rewarding as possible.

Case Management Centered on You

The goal of our Case Managers is to work closely with you to help coordinate your medical care and help keep you out of the hospital and long-term care facilities. They will identify your specific care requirements, determine if your ongoing needs have changed, and ensure the services continue to meet your needs by contacting you monthly. You will also have contact information for your case manager if you need it in-between check-ins. Your family can also have their contact information or be your point of contact.

Your Case management services are directed by you, to ensure your unique needs are met. Your Case Manager works for you. They will listen to you, explain your choices, and collaborate with you to help ensure that you are receiving the level of care you need.

Quality Case Management Helps Seniors Stay Healthy at Home

At All Care WV, our case management services may include as few or as much support as required. From assisting with maintaining independence to comprehensive access to multiple medical, personal care, and social support services, each case management care plan is tailored to best meet your unique needs.

Your Case Manager is one of your best advocates for helping you remain as healthy as possible in the independence of your own home. To ensure that nothing is missed or overlooked, you will be represented by two independent agencies. If your case manager is from All Care WV, your personal attendant will be provided by another agency, or vice versa.

Empowering Independence

Our dedicated case managers provide support for eligible residents to help them maintain their independence. We also offer knowledge and support that can help alleviate many of the concerns our clients and their families may have. In addition, we take great pride in empowering individuals and providing the assistance they need to maintain their independence and achieve optimal health and wellbeing.

Contact All Care WV, LLC

All Care WV, LLC provides Case Management services for eligible clients throughout Central and North Central West Virginia. Our caring team of experienced professionals will discuss your options and help customize the best care possible for you and your loved ones.

If you are a senior or individual with a significant disability who is interested in learning more, please contact All Care WV, LLC.